In a lot of ways I am a very nasty woman. I’d be the first one to notice your hair has split ends and your nail colour is chipped. I may not say anything to you about it, but I’ll notice nonetheless.

Like I noticed the other night that the rather well-dressed woman at the bar had cracked heels. I mean, seriously, her heel fissures ran up miles and kind of ruined her look. If I had heels like that I’d either cover them up or use a pumice stone to smoothen them up.

That brings us to pumice stones. It is a very mispronounced word, and most people don’t seem to know the right way to say it. I didn’t for a very long time, so I went calling it one of the following:

Peumiss Stone
Poomiss Stone

But then I learned that it is actually said thus:

Pahmiss Stone

To make it more technical, the phonetic pronunciation would be:


Check the Cambridge Dictionary pronunciation guide if you want to hear an audio of the right way to say it.

PS: I am not being mean to those who do have a cracked heel problem here. It is a medical condition, and you’re better off treating it right.