gay-marriage-cartoon-265x203Have you noticed how many of us make posts on Facebook about our special days? We wish our dads on Fathers’ Day, our mothers on Mothers’ Day and our husbands on our anniversaries on Facebook instead of wishing them directly. I do that too, and I am not judging anyone here, but I do wince everytime I see people wishing each other:

Happy Marriage Anniversary darling!

Why? Because yor marriage does not have anniversaries. See, an anniversary by definition is,

the day on which an important event happened in a previous year

and by definition, a marriage is,

the relationship shared between husband and wife.

This means that you do not celebrate you marriage on the day you got married because a marriage is what you share – a relationship with your spouse and (call me old-fashioned) that is forever. You celebrate that every day. I hope these examples explain what I am trying to say:

After 10 years of marriage, David and Stella decided to separate
They decided to consummate the marriage on their honeymoon.

But what you celebrate on one special day every year is a wedding anniversary – the day you got married, signed a register, said your vows, walked around the fire, wore fancy clothes and smiled for a million photographs. For example,

You looked beautiful on the day of your wedding!
Do you remember the wedding date of Ram and Neha?

It is the ceremony that brought you together with your spouse and formed a marriage. You celebrate that union on that day and celebrate your Wedding Anniversary. So please, the next time you wish him or her, please wish your spouse a:

“Happy Wedding Anniversary”

and have a happy marriage.

So in a sentence, the words will be placed thus:

Every year on my wedding anniversary, I thank god for my wonderful husband and my happy marriage

Because like they say, a Wedding lasts a day, but a Marriage lasts forever.

PS: You can also use the word “nuptials” to mean a wedding:

I was not able to attend the nuptials because I was unwell.
The Mae de Deus Church was where my nuptials had taken place.

PS Again: Sorry for the tongue-in-cheek cartoon. I couldn’t help but make a statement about India’s Supreme Court ruling that gay relationships, and therefore marriages, are “unnatural” and illegal because they threaten the fabric of the society. Thanks to http://www.lesbilicious.co.uk/author/suecurley/ for the picture.